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The Business Strategy Programme for SME's

This tried and tested programme has a successful track record enabling business owners to develop winning strategies for their business.

No business is too small to have a strategy as it is a process that clarifies your purpose, current status in the market and your future plans.


Every business needs to know those things to thrive and prosper.


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running in October 2022

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Contact Wendy Garcarz on 01283 575136 if you want to take your business to the next income level

About Wendy

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I am a business strategist who can help you shake off old habits and think differently about growing your business. Together, we can identify and tackle problems, prioritise tasks, and focus on the right direction for you.


I am a Business Development specialist and Leadership Coach, I use my knowledge, experience and passion to empower people to deal with change. 

I advocate a truly creative approach to create excellent business results and to take away the "smoke and mirrors" of change.


I get people to think differently (positively) about change; to understand their power and skills in dealing with change and how to make it work for them.


I am a futurist, not a fortune teller. I make predictions based on in-depth research and facts and use them to help business owners make strategic plans and decisions that benefit their company.

Wendy Garcarz. MA. DipEd. FInstLM
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My new book 'Come Out Fighting- The SME Survival Guide' will help SME's to recover quickly after the pandemic lockdown  

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Exciting News; THE HELP ACADEMY is coming soon!

Health and Social Care organisations are having a tough time at the moment. All are under pressure to deliver more with less.  Some have a serious PR problem and others are so overstretched they struggle to complete basic training and development so important to their workforce.

The HELP academy is a practical learning platform designed specifically to help people working in these challenging environments solve practical problems really quickly.  Bite sized video presentations will help people to target their problem and give them a solution that they can immediately apply in their role.

There are free resources to cover some of the basic issues people tackle on a daily basis with a choice of more in-depth training programmes to enable people to target their needs exactly.  

The platform will go live in the next few weeks so watch out for the special launch details and how your organisation could benefit from using it.

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