The SME Survival Guide is designed to lead you through a process that will help you as business owners to come out of lockdown stronger and more viable


About Wendy

As a Business and People Transformation Specialist I use my knowledge, experience and passion to empower people in your business to deal with change. 

I advocate  a truly creative approach to create excellent business results and to take away the "smoke and mirrors" of change. I get people to think differently (positively) about change; to understand their power and skills in dealing with it and how to make it work for them.


I am a futurist, not a fortune teller. I make predictions based on in-depth research and facts and use them to help business owners make strategic plans and decisions that benefit their company.

My book 'Come Out Fighting- The SME Survival Guide' helps SME's to recover quickly after the pandemic lockdown.  


Watch out for details of the January launch date.


As business begins to return to some degree of normality the future still feels uncertain.


I can help business owners set clear goals, gain a focus on productivity and build resilience. These are all important stepping stones to recovery. But often, particularly in turbulent times, businesses become paralysed by the uncertainty.


As a business owner you are the master of your own destiny

  1. You need solutions that work for you 

  2. You need to understand the current business environment and climate and a plan that fits

  3. You need to be able to function, make decisions and plans regardless of that uncertainty.


That is how I help! I work to build confidence in the business and the staff working for it so together, you can move on to more profitable times. 

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If you want to shake off old habits and think differently about your business, don't put it off any longer.
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A business advisor can help you shake off old habits and think differently about your business.  Together, we can identify and tackle problems, prioritise tasks, and focus on the right direction for you. 

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