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My name is Wendy Garcarz

I focus on helping leaders, managers and healthcare professionals create a successful, sustainable and effective service. My services range from Training, to Executive Coaching and Mentoring to Patient Engagement and Operational excellence.  I provide a tailored and comprehensive approach to organisation development, ensuring that my clients get the most out of their investment.  With my help, you can achieve your goals, improve your services and make a lasting improvement to the health demographic of your area.

I have worked in the public and private sectors for over 30 years and have a proven track record of successful achievements as a business development consultant. 

MAEd, DipEd, FinstLm

Founder of the Micro Business Growth Club

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Wendy Garcarz Consulting

Providing What You Need

​Wendy is the place organisation leaders come for solutions that develop teams and individuals, improve productivity and communications.

With our tailored strategies and deep understanding of the inner workings of private and public sector organisation, such as the NHS, we enable managers and leaders achieve their organisation's goals.

We provide proven services that empower participants to take control of their time, develop their communication skills and achieve outstanding results.


Wendy Garcarz can help you create a resilient and supportive network that takes the guesswork out of organisational development, and helps you to implement your objectives with guaranteed success.


At the heart of Wendy Garcarz Consulting is the passion to help healthcare organisations succeed.

I provide a range of services, including Training, Executive Coaching & Mentoring, and Bespoke project work, that can help you achieve your targets & goals.  Whether you are working with your team, a Patient Participation Group or collaborating with other organisations

I am committed to helping you take your operational services to the next level

Ruth Williams

Director of Community Nursing Services SWB NHS Trust



“Her amazing style, creativity, and inspiration continue to shape my career-she is a true inspiration”

Maggie Matthews 

Macmillan Cancer Support

"I would just like to thank you for an outstanding training session. Your grasp of the project and ability to give confidence to people to ‘stand-up’ and make a statement is amazing - we are so fortunate to have had this opportunity through MacMillan’s involvement in the project"

Carrie James  

Queens Nurse

“Wendy developed a Readiness for change workshop for us and we had amazing feedback, I would recommend her for change events” 

Client Testimonials


31 Nene Close. Stretton. Burton on Trent. DE13 0YA.  


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