Wendy Garcarz - Changing Politics for Good

“I am standing because I know that I will bring a more democratic version of politics to an area which has been ignored by successive governments for more than twenty years.  Erdington people voted to Leave the EU by a massive 63%.  We have been told we didn’t know what we were voting for by people who have never walked in our shoes or lived our lives.  How patronising is that!

The sense of entitlement, self interest and disregard for us as voters is totally unacceptable.  

We are not “in this together” as they keep telling us, but we should be!  

I believe everyone’s vote matters, even when it is different to mine.  People need a fresh, clear and honest voice to represent them and that’s what I will be.” 

     My 5 Pledges for Erdington    

1: Support young families and tackling child poverty

2: Help young people into meaningful work

3: Improve local care services for the elderly and mentally ill

4: Address the causes of knife-crime and anti-social behaviour

5: Provideg affordable, safe, clean and 'green' public transport

Wendy Garcarz is a 59-year-old local businesswoman, born in the heart of industrial Britain, who has successfully run a Management Consultancy and Training company for the last twenty-five years. She has been married for thirty-eight years to Andrew (also born and raised in Erdington) and has lived and worked in Erdington for more than twenty-five years  


    As a mature student she gained a Master’s Degree in Education from University of Central England and is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management.  

“I am a practical problem solver based on fully understanding the issue, then finding creative solutions.  Politics needs a shakeup.  People have been poorly served by the traditional two-party system that has operated for decades.  We are faced with a future filled with possibility and opportunities, but the country needs a different sort of leadership to make that work for everyone.  We need politicians that can work openly and honestly with and most importantly, for their local communities and not put their allegiance to their party over what the people need  


     I am determined to develop the talents and capabilities in our region and not be solely focused on the prosperity of our capital city. In the last 20 years they got the wealth and areas like ours have had to make do with the welfare.  That is not right!  It is not fair!  


    Local businesses are the engine house of our economy, 95% of all businesses in the UK are small to medium sized companies.  That is why the Midlands is such a powerhouse.  We have thousands of small specialist businesses that are part of the supply chain to so many industries.  Our diversity is our strength.  We need proper support to grow and expand, not to be held back by red tape and higher running costs

   And people need to feel that the person they vote for will represent them fully, openly and honestly and not just themselves or the party they are members of

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