The SME Business Club


Is a free, online business support club for SMEs, business owners, sole traders,

freelancers, consultants and startups.



To share expertise, help, advice and resources to strengthen small businesses across all sectors.



NO Membership fee, no compulsory meetings or participation, just help on tap to keep you in the game.



  • To support SMEs, business owners, sole traders, micro businesses and freelancers to find free help, advice and support to make their business more resilient in uncertain times

  • A place to learn new skills and pick up business tools to build a strong and more stable business

  • A community of like minds whose role is to support motivate and inspire each other to grow their business



  • To create a positive platform where business owners can learn how to grow their business in a climate of support, respect and constructive feedback

  • Members of the business club will display

    • Responsible and professional conduct.

    • Professional curiosity and openness to change

    • Positive thinking.

    • Mutual respect for other members.

    • Friendship and responsiveness.

    • Honesty and integrity

    • Enthusiasm for innovation, new ideas and ways of working.



  • A free copy of Personal Productivity or the art of getting out of your own way.

  • Signup for the weekly newsletter filled with practical tips, success stories and interviews, useful resources to help build resilient SMEs

  • A fortnightly podcast featuring a spotlight on an aspect of running a SME essential to success

  • Access to the online resource library to help business owners stabilise, prioritise and monetise their business


Free Membership gift

A Free copy of Personal Productivity - Or the art of getting out of your own way 

Everyone signing up to my business club will receive a free copy of this essential e-Book. 

I talk only about the things that people can control or influence. I share practical ways of goal setting, managing time and building personal resilience that people can start to use immediately. The crux of the advice is simple; you can come up with dozens of reasons why you can't plan, streamline, set goals or manage time better or you can use all of those things to build a recovery plan for you and your business.

If we are to wring out any positivity from this new business year, we have to face the future with realism and a sense of purpose. We have to be willing to say "I don't know but I will learn how" and we have to be willing to work with others to build something stronger and more resilient that we could if we were alone.

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