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Business Growth

The Micro Business Growth Club BIG IDEA Programme will help you to move your business to the next level

4×2-hour Interactive Online Training Sessions
1-2-1 Coaching


A fully supported programme. Includes templates, workbooks, and videos to help you turn your BIG IDEA into a viable business opportunity

The BIG IDEA Programme Comprises of:

1: The IDEA

2: The Market 

3: Viability Testing 

4: Branding & Launch

The BIG IDEA© Programme Content

The programme poses 5 critical questions for any new business idea

  1. How do I know it's a good idea?

  2. Is there an identified demand for it?

  3. How can I be sure it will be profitable?

  4. Who are the big hitters I will be competing with?

  5. What is the best marketing strategy? 

You will also answer the following questions about your new idea

  • What is it?

  • What does it do?

  • What problem does it solve for your customers?

  • What are its features and benefits?

  • How does it win over similar products?

  • What are its physical attributes and packaging requirements?

  • What is the pricing strategy and profit margin?

The programme will be delivered in four 2-hour sessions, over four consecutive weeks


Week 1: 18th April - The Idea 
Using the Idea Concept Ma
p, participants will analyse every aspect of their idea. The market sector it will target, and how to target it through a product launch campaign.


Week 2: 25th April - The Market 
Using the market analysis tools
, participants will identify the size and value of their BIG IDEA's market, conduct a product SWOT analysis, (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). Conduct a competitor analysis looking for similar products.  

Week 3: 2nd May - Viability testing
Using a basic set of costing tools, the unit price, profit margin and retail price of the idea will be established, and market comparisons made. Participants will also create an 'Ideal Client' avatar for targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

Week 4: 9th May - Branding and Launch
Having established the viability of the product, participants will consider the branding of their product, paying careful attention to image, logo, product packaging, and bringing the product to market.  You will create a draft marketing strategy, identifying the best communication channels, positioning, timing, creating desire, campaign costs.

A follow-up 1-2-1 Session will complete the programme

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What Our Clients Say about The BIG IDEA©

Rob Brooks

Business Owner

Top marks to Wendy. Exceeded my expectations.

You’re brilliant and the material is excellent

Sue Davies

Business Owner

Inspiring Salon Professionals

I really enjoyed it and found new pathways bubbling up and a great group of people with a few possible network connections that may be really useful.

Wendy's calm, positive and methodical way of working is great to be part of and inspires me to be more focussed on the goal 

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 09.51.08.png

Leigh Ellis

Business Owner

Great sessions - action packed, lots of ideas, knowledge, and resources.

Have you got a BIG IDEA© that you want to put into action?


Join this tried and tested programme to develop your BIG IDEA© into a business winner


4×2-hour interactive on-line sessions, plus a 1-2-1 follow-up coaching call.


Price £495.00



** Includes 3 Months FREE Membership to the Micro Business Growth Club **

(If purchased before 7th April)

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