Business Development Services

A Comprehensive Approach

The Wendy Effect is a consulting and coaching business for SMEs, entrepreneurs, executives, and individuals who need motivation and encouragement to move to the next level.  As entrepreneurs, we recognize the importance of setting tangible milestones to reach our goals and to ensure future success. Wendy works with each individual and small business to determine whether consulting, coaching, or a hybrid model is best to meet their needs and the needs of their business.

A free 1 hour needs-analysis meeting will define the requirements and form the basis of a no-obligation costed proposal tailored specifically to your business

Shaping Corporate Culture

The culture of a business has a significant impact on its performance and the reputation it has with its customers.  Shaping the culture of a business is tricky but can pay huge dividends by helping to reduce risk, costs and complaints and increase sales, people performance and profits.  I will work with your team to align your vision and values with behaviours to support a positive and consistent culture.

Team Dynamics

Team dynamics are an integral part of a successful business.  Teams that work in silos exhibit poor communication skills, low trust levels and are more likely to indulge in time-consuming office politics.  I work with teams to build a more productive way of working together and across the organisation, building trust, personal accountability and better outcomes.

Building High Performance Teams

Clear and common goals, the ability to communicate well and handle conflict are elements that all high performance teams share.  They are able to solve problems, identify and manage risk and stick to deadlines.  I work with teams to make sure they have the systems in place to support them and the right mind set to help them achieve their goals

Management Strategies Programme

This programme is particularly useful for business managers and leaders and enables them to improve their team leading skills and capabilities.  Delegates learn practical tools and techniques to make them better managers and leaders, empower their staff to deliver more consistent performances and achieve higher goals.

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