The Business Strategy Programme for SME's

Stop procrastinating and develop a Powerful Business Strategy that takes your business to the next level.  Start as you mean to go on, with confidence, a renewed sense of purpose and a different way of thinking about the potential of your business. 

 I have designed this powerful programme for business owners who want to stabilise and grow their business regardless of the uncertain times.  


It will guide you through a process that:

  • Gives focus to your goals to help you achieve them in a sustainable way

  • Helps you to distinguish between productive and peripheral activities that ensures you work smarter NOT harder

  • Improves the visibility of your brand and raises your profile as the business owner

  • Helps you develop more powerful and profitable marketing campaigns and materials that generate extra revenue

No business is too small to benefit from creating a strategy

It is not a document but a way of thinking and decision making that helps you to spot changes in your market and decide how you will respond to them.  

Lockdown gave us two timely lessons as business owners.

  1. Businesses that are currently thriving are the ones that embrace change & plan how to make it work for them! 

  2. If you have a plan in your head is just an idea.  Critical planning creates a business strategy to guide your activities and decision making ensuring you can take your business to the next level (market position, brand awareness, income, and profit).

The Programme consists of three 2 hour sessions that guide you through a process that:

  • Stabilises your business so that growth is built on solid foundations

  • Prioritising the income generating activities to increase your productivity and profitability

  • Monetising opportunities to create new income streams


What's Included in the Programme?


  • A workbook and presentation for each session

  • Access to the live webinar and the recorded download to watch at your convenience

  • A set of worksheets to crystallise your business analysis and help you to decide where you want it to go

  • A signed copy of the Come Out Fighting the SME Post Lockdown Survival Guide.

  • Membership access to the Business Club and all free resources 

  • A free subscription to SME business News filled with articles tools and tips for maximising business opportunities

  • Access to a range of Business Coaching Packages at discounted rates


Programme Content & Costs


1: The Business Strategy Programme - Step By Step.  £390.00. 

A step by step guide for making you or business bigger and better 

(the equivalent of a bag of Malteasers every day for a year)


2: Business Strategy – Getting it right.  £990.00.  

The programme plus a 1-2-1 coaching package (4 Sessions) to implement your strategy

(the equivalent of 4 first class stamps every day for a year)


3: Business Strategy – Making it stick.  £2790.00

The Business Strategy Programme plus a Monthly Coaching Session for 12 months,

to help you develop more profitable habits that bring success.  

(the equivalent of the daily Inner City congestion charge for a year)


Contact Wendy now for a mapping discussion to see which option is best for you


Book today and start drawing the Roadmap for your Business Growth

The programme dates are: 


Tuesday 15th March

Tuesday 29th March

Tuesday 12th April


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