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Hi, I'm Wendy Garcarz

I am a highly skilled and experienced business advisor. I work with SME's and Micro-Businesses owners to improve their results. ​

I provide tailored business improvement advice, development strategies and support to help your business reach further and achieve more. 


I take the best business models, concepts, and approaches and scale them to fit the business I am working with.

Together, we will get significant results and make your business more resilient and profitable.



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I am pleased to announce two New and Exclusive tailored Support Packages for Micro Businesses - with the launch of the Micro Business Growth Club

The Micro-Business Growth Club

Takes the guesswork out of your business growth, boosts your productivity and grows your profits.

You may be the expert in your business,

but are you a business expert? 

Here is what the MBGC can do for you:

  • Stabilise your business; strengthen its foundations and put it on a stable financial footing

  • Prioritise your decisions and actions; cut out unnecessary activities by clarifying where you want to go and what will ensure you get there.

  • Monetise your ideas; show you how to test ideas and developments to ensure they are viable then how to take them from an idea into a product / service that generate new income streams

Joining the Micro-Business Growth Club will give you access to

game-changing business advice and guidance on a 1-to-1 basis

So what exactly is the Micro Business Growth Club?

  • It is an online community of business people and experts who can help you get the most from your business by showing you where to invest help and support

  • A set of punchy and informative Videos give you the tools to identify what you are doing well and what you need to change to get better results

  • A library of effective, proven resources and time-saving templates that you can use as and when you need them

Your active membership gives you regular support, proven strategies that are working now,

and opportunities to grow your Micro-Business.


It's a combination of community membership, support, coaching, and unlimited use of resources, which gives you the best opportunity to grow your micro business into a sustainable enterprise, giving you the financial rewards and freedoms of being your own boss.

If you use the resources, follow the strategies, join in the sessions and take action you will get results.

Micro-Business Growth Club Membership Options