Birmingham Erdington constituency: covering Erdington, Gravelly Hill, Pype Hayes, Stockland Green, Kindstanding & Perry Common and Castle Vale


As part of our Direct Democracy approach, I held a series of policy focus groups during October with young parents and families.  This important sector of our society has been badly affected over the last decade by the most damaging and punitive austerity programme since WWII. 

I wanted to find out what they thought would make the biggest difference to their kids, and what would help them look forward to a better future  


They taught me 5 key things


  • Families come in all shapes and sizes and the ones with grandparents, aunts, uncles and neighbours who can offer practical support do better than those struggling alone

  • Many working parents are forced to use food banks just to make ends meet, particularly those trapped in Zero Hours Contracts

  • The system would crash and burn if it wasn’t for charitable organisations providing essential childcare at affordable prices for some (particularly in the school holidays)

  • Schools are at breaking point financially, generating additional funds however they can e.g. Selling lost and found school uniform items to fund mainstream school activities.

  • Demand for services for kids with special needs grow, but education budgets are cut, affecting the most vulnerable and resource hungry services.  That leaves most of these families with nowhere to go for practical help, increasing their stress and pressure.

Parents just want the basics for their kids 

  • To be able to play, socialise and make friends

  • A good education that will lead to a job, so that they can look after themselves as adults

  • A decent roof over their heads that is clean, dry and affordable

  • A safe environment to grow up in that is free from bullying, prejudice and crime


I asked them what they would spend money on to improve their kids futures, they said


  • School transport should be provided free of charge for all children that need it

  • Subsidised/free lunches should be given without fuss or stigma

  • Readily available schemes to recycle school uniforms for low income families should run for every school

  • More trained staff and proper support in large classes (30 pupils plus) or where kids with special needs are in mainstream classes or where English is not the only language spoken by the pupils


The Brexit Party believes that power should be returned to the people and the easiest way of doing that is to create regional development funds that pay for the services that will make the biggest difference to those living there.  People should have a say, and their representatives in parliament should be directly accountable to those that put them there


I want to thank all the mums, dads and grandparents that took part in the sessions and special mentions to Emma Louise Houghton who runs the Stay and Play toddlers group in Stockland Green and Kerry Billingsley who runs Barmpots Nursery in Castle Vale

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