Norwegian Students against the EU

Discussion Forum

Held in Birmingham Wednesday 30th October 2019


Daniel Hextall from Ungdom Mot EU is conducting an important observational study with Norwegian students during the final week of our European membership and approached The Brexit Party to take part in an important observational study by.  It didn’t quite work out that way because once again our Remain parliament succeeded in preventing a clean break Brexit.  Instead they came and found themselves witnessing the launch of a General Election.

Eleven Students studying politics joined a group of PPCs and activists for a very lively discussion about the phenomena that is Brexit.


They were keen to compare their own situation and Euro Sceptic Groups with the UK.  The students quickly identified that we were a movement rather than a traditional political party in our make up and structure and admired the ideological diversity we have within our ranks.  They did not recognise the stereotyping that is constantly levelled at us because all the evidence points to our broad supporter base and inclusion, particularly when considering who are PPCs are.

Key concerns for them included the the obviously biased media coverage and how information about the Deal Boris has negotiated is is so focused on the Northern Ireland border and some of the more damaging elements of the deal are getting no coverage at all in the media.

One of the most interesting questions of the day was around what would happen if we won and delivered Brexit would our candidates want to return to their political home?  After much discussion the following answer emerged:  There are two golden threads that run through the Brexit party that bind us together.  The first is an absolute belief in democracy and needing to restore what the last 3.5 years has damaged.  The second thread is common sense.  A good idea is a good idea.  It shouldn’t matter who thought of it first if it works it should be supported and implemented.

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