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The Wendy Effect is a consulting and coaching business for SMEs, entrepreneurs, executives, and individuals who need motivation and encouragement to move to the next level.  As entrepreneurs, we recognize the importance of setting tangible milestones to reach our goals and to ensure future success. Wendy works with each individual and small business to determine whether consulting, coaching, or a hybrid model is best to meet their needs and the needs of their business.

Personal Effectiveness Programme

This programme focuses on the things that make people good performers in their specialist field.  Personal confidence and credibility, high calibre communication, time management and prioritisation, presenting and speaking in public are all elements of this in-house programme.  This programme raises peoples game and can give a real performance boost to any business or organisation.  It also includes elements that can be tailored to the operating environment and requirements of the business.

Programs can be tailored to reflect your organisations culture and management style and can be run in-house for 8-20 delegates, costed to reflect your particular requirements

Myers Briggs
Type Indicator [MBTI Profiling]

Using this versatile and respected profiling tool, I build profiles for people then through a series of coaching sessions analyse aspects of behaviours and preferences to develop deep insights into leadership style, decision making, conflict management, handling pressure and personal organisation.  Individuals undertaking this process report quite profound insights into their ability to influence others and experience increased confidence and their effectiveness

Organisations employing MBTI in this way report dramatic improvement in performance and productivity.  Profiles start from £195 plus VAT


I help people prepare for that all important interview, ensuring they match their expertise with the requirements of the job they are applying for. I look at all aspects of personal presentation, answering interview questions ensuring that prospective employers understand the essence that is you.

This work can range from a couple of telephone coaching calls through to profiling and intensive interview role play coaching depending on clients requirements

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