EU Myth Busters - Number 2

Myth: We would remain a member on exactly the same conditions that we currently have; 

BUSTED: Highly unlikely!  It is more likely that the UK would lose its current rebate of £5.6 billion immediately and our annual contributions would increase (since 2000 we have paid the EU £100Billion more than we have received back)

Myth: Nothing would change in terms of how we function now. 

BUSTED: Not True!  We would have to implement the Lisbon Treaty (already signed and ratified in 2009 by Gordon Brown seeded away our sovereignty but delayed the enactment until 2020) we would have to move the London Stock exchange to Frankfurt (with a potential loss of 200,000 jobs), we would have to adopt the euro as our unit of currency by 2022 (giving away one of the most important levers to controlling our economy)and we would be part of the European army with mandatory conscription for 18-30 year olds amongst other things

Myth: We would have some control of immigration

BUSTED: Not True!  We would have to accept the conditions of the Schengen Agreement and Lisbon Treaty to bring us in line with other EU Member countries by 2022

Myth: Our parliament would be sovereign and could choose to ignore rulings of the EU 

BUSTED: Not True!  Decisions on migration, taxation, legislation, asylum and inclusion in the European Army would automatically revert to the EU.  Potentially this could see British service men and woman being sent to fight in Catalan Spain to quell independence demands

Myth: We could negotiate trade with other countries

BUSTED: Not True!  No free trade deals with any other country, only what the EU could secure (History proves they can take up to 10 years to get agreement from all 27 member countries).  This would cancel out the £10 billion worth of trade deals waiting in the wings for when we leave putting our future prosperity at risk

Myth: We would have control of fishing quotas in UK waters  

BUSTED: Not True! Fishing quotas are set by the EU who tells us how much of our fishing stock we are able to land legally whilst giving Spanish and French fishermen higher quotas.  The Conservatives committed in their 2017 manifesto to leaving the Common Fisheries Policy stating that the UK "will be fully responsible for the access and management of its waters". This can only be achieved if we leave without a deal as the Withdrawal Agreement keeps us tied into the CFP

Myth: Our Farmers would still receive EU subsidies

BUSTED: Not True!  The current agreement is due to end in 2020.  Currently farmers receiving the Single Farm Payment have the flexibility to produce any commodity on their land except fruit, vegetables and table potatoes (this would be classed as restrictive practice in any other industry). Currently farmers receive payments for not raising cattle or growing certain crops to keep prices artificially protected for agricultural economies in France, Spain and Italy

Myth: Only businesses that export to other member countries are affected by EU regulations

BUSTED: Not True! Companies who do not export their goods still have to comply with EU regulations adding £33billion of costs to the British economy (e.g. GDPR estimated cost £800million to FTSE 350 companies so far.  Adding public sector organisations could easily double that)

Damage to our world standing as an influencer of global politics due to our perceived capitulation in carrying through the decision to leave

The supremacy of European law is finite which cuts UK legislation from international law completely

NEVER again being able to revisit UK Membership of the EU without unanimous agreement of all other member countries regardless of the circumstances

UK tied to EU foreign policy and bound by all obligations stemming from any international agreement concluded by the Union but unable to influence any of the decisions taken

The UK is obligated to spend taxpayer’s money to fund EU propaganda telling everyone how wonderful the EU is

UK is bound by EU procurement rules which effectively forbids us from seeking alternative (better) deals elsewhere

The UK will continue to contribute to the EU Emergency Trust Fund which deals with irregular (illegal) immigration and displaced persons heading towards Europe

Estimates put the UK as being £100 billion worse off if we decide to stay in the EU in the next 5 years


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