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Hello, I’m Sharon from Sharon Louca Limited, I provide women in business with the support they need to take back control, and grow a profitable and successful business.

We all want to succeed. But being a small business owner can be overwhelming, and the first two years of trading can be the hardest to navigate. You may feel fearful, alone, exhausted, and out of control.

By sharing my journey, knowledge, and experience as a business growth manager, I offer a guiding hand and valuable support as you achieve your goals, thrive and grow.

It was this desire to help that prompted me to launch my Women's Business Network, a fabulous group dedicated to the empowerment and support of women in business within the community. Through our online platform we provide training, workshops, speaker events, and networking for women looking for additional support.

If you want to find out more about our women in business network and events please call me on 07976 457278 or drop me an email at