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- The Small Business Survival Guide

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2020 saw a pandemic, two lockdowns and social distancing restrictions that changed the way small businesses operate for the foreseeable future.

Successful economic recovery is dependent on SMEs as they are responsible for 47% of the UKs GDP.


COME OUT FIGHTING has been written specifically to give SME business owners a practical plan to follow so they can bounce back quickly after lockdown.  It will help them navigate business operating restrictions, build a sound financial recovery plan, adapt their sales strategy for changes in their marketplace.


Some will take the opportunity to start a new enterprise and the book details a simple business model (the vital systems and processes) which will get them off to a flying start.

It is filled with tried and tested tips, business exercises and tasks that will get a business back on track.  There is also a chapter that helps business owners build personal resilience, so they feel stronger and more able to face the new business year.

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Development - Consultant

7-Point Recovery SME Plan: (e-Book)

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The 7 Point Recovery Plan is for SME's and is a high level summary of Come out fighting.  It offers the 7 key steps to reviewing where your SME is; its financial status, its branding and marketing activity and helps owners identify the areas that need strengthening to recover from the effects of the pandemic.


This is not an academic text but a simple to implement, practical action list of things SMEs can do to recover and re-energise the way they work.


SMEs are the lifeblood of our economy and business owners the unsung heroes who have kept our communities running through this difficult year.  

PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY - Or the art of getting out of your own way

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A short e-book to help you develop a positive mindset, good time-management, maintain focus and create an organised workspace

This e-book can be downloaded from the online Shop

Healthcare Business Books

If healthcare professionals and organisations are going to deliver the improvements we all want to see, then healthcare organisations have to learn and develop, and support their staff.


This book will help organisations to change systematically. The book includes lots of practical ways to help organisations look at themselves, plan and implement change.


Make Your Healthcare Organisation a learning Organisation


Statutory and Mandatory Training In Health & Social Care

Statutory and mandatory training is an area that all healthcare organisations are required to tackle, yet it is commonly undertaken as a tick-box exercise without flair or creativity. Proof of attendance at a training course is not in itself proof of competence.


This practical reference book has been designed to support health and social care organisations wanting to create a structured approach to statutory and mandatory training

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