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About Wendy Garcarz - MAEd, DipEd, FinstLM

Business owners don't have to feel powerless or stuck. You can start as you mean to go on, confidently, with a renewed sense of purpose and a different way of thinking about the potential of your business. Accurately analyse your business strengths and development needs then, focus on the priorities that bring quick results.


Is the ‘Catch 22’ problem driving you mad?  

You are working flat out but not making much profit, you want to take on new business to earn more money but don’t have any time!


I can help you make more money and free up your time.

That's why I created the Micro Business Growth club 

My latest book 'Come Out Fighting - The SME Survival Guide' is designed to help SME's recover quickly after the pandemic lockdown.

'Come Out Fighting' is available from Amazon Books or from my Website Shop

1. I want to help business owners restore some balance by getting control back; control of their time, control of their profits and control of their business.


2. I want to share the wealth of knowledge and experience gained in my 30 years of business ownership and strategy 


3. I want to build a resilient and supportive online business community that takes the guesswork out of business development, helping them to survive and thrive, even in hard times.


I believe passionately that economic recovery comes from the millions of small businesses and solopreneurs who breathe innovation, creativity and money into local economies

Introducing the Micro-Business Growth Club


Take the guesswork out of your business growth, boosts your productivity and grows your profits.

You may be the expert in your business, but are you a business expert? 

Here is what the Micro-Business Growth Club can do for you:

Stabilise your business; strengthen its foundations and put it on a stable financial footing

Prioritise your decisions and actions; cut out unnecessary activities by clarifying where you want to go and what will ensure you get there.

Monetise your ideas; show you how to test ideas and developments to ensure they are viable then how to take them from an idea into a product / service that generate new income streams

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"I am pleased to announce two New and Exclusive tailored Support Packages for Micro Businesses, with the launch of the Micro Business Growth Club"

Joining the Micro-Business Growth Club will give you access to game-changing business advice and guidance on a 1-to-1 basis

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