My Expertise

Working with small and large business has given me a wealth of knowledge about the practical things that work and the scalability of business improvement.  The services listed here enable be to offer a fully tailored service to exactly fit the needs of my client.  No "ons size fits all" approach.  
Business Consulting

As a highly skilled and experienced business advisor I work with business owners to improve their results. Across all sectors, I can provide tailored business improvement advice, development strategies and support to help the business reach further and achieve more. I take the best business models concepts and approaches and scale them to fit the business I am working with. Together, we get significant results and leave the business more resilient and profitable.

  • Culture and organisational change

  • Building better teams

  • SME improvements

  • SME Startups

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I am a futurist and I make predictions based on in-depth research and facts. The key to being a futurist is identifying trends, being able to explain why they're important, as well as what the underlying drivers are and what the implications will be to the world at large. It is the analysis of the bigger picture that brings insight for the leaders I work with. It helps them to make the best decisions based how markets and consumer behaviours and patterns are changing.

I am not a fortune teller! . I consider  physical realities and the economic affects to prepare businesses for a range of different outcomes.  

Working with a futurist means you will never think the same again. It changes your outlook and makes you more expansive in your approach.

 As we move into a commercial work of opportunity with new trade deals and commercial freedoms we cannot afford to be held back by old thinking patterns. 

  • Creating business strategy

  • Strategic planning & Development

  • Breaking into new markets

  • Long term business planning

Conference Speaker

How I can add value to your event

  • I have real world experience built up over 25 years running and developing SMEs

  • I have a  deep understanding of business models and theoretical concepts relevant to SMEs

  • I have a track record of predicting changes in public and private sector businesses that helps them with strategic planning

  • I am a dynamic and inspiring speaker

  • I tailor conference sessions/keynotes to the needs of the business

  • I always provide the audience with a usable takeaway for them to implement immediately.

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