Is the Brexit Party a one-trick-pony?

September 23, 2019

Lots of people ask me this question when I am out and about because they tend to believe what they read in the papers or see on TV but we are essential to the new face of politics and are here to stay. 


Let me explain;

  • We are fighting for a clean break Brexit because it is the only way to free our world class industries from the limitations that the EU place on us.  It serves them well if we underperform as an economy because it allows them to subsidise many of their unprofitable and inefficient businesses.  Once that is done we can focus on rebuilding the UK as a world class economy and influencer

  • We will make MPs truly accountable for their actions and behaviour MPs have done everything they can think of in the last 3 years to overturn our democratic vote.  They want to maintain their lucrative status quo that enables them to claim for toiletries, sandwiches and bus tickets on their expenses when normal people buy those things from their own pockets.  That must stop!

  • We will actively seek to change the political system to make it fairer so that the cheating and manipulation of our constitution will not be able to happen in the future.  MPs will be expected to respect the views of their constituents and not ignore them in favour of party politics.  The Brexit Party is not a whipped party (we are never forced to vote in line with the party when it is against the interests and wishes of the people we serve).

  • We are the party of common sense!  No career politicians in our ranks.  Our candidates are people who have done something in their lives.  They have run businesses, had real jobs, served their country in the armed forces and taught our kids in school.  Our candidates have been there and got the Teeshirt!  We have got real credibility and track records and we know when something won’t work.  We can recognise a good idea when we see one and not just dismiss it simply because the other side thought of it first.

  • We will invest in our regions with a Regional Development Fund created with monies freed up from leaving the EU.  

    • We will Scrap HS2 the vanity project built to get people to London 10 minutes quicker!

    • We will not pay a £39 billion divorce settlement to the EU to fund their extravagance and waste!

    • We will Halve the Overseas Development Aid budget and let countries fund their own space programme

    • We will use the UK’s Annual EU contributions to fund developments in our regions to support and promote our industries, improve local infrastructure and transport.  Take a fresh look at what the modern requirements are for Education health and defence not just take a business as usual approach


The Brexit Party are not a one trick pony.  We are ready to serve and Change Politics for Good!

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