What is the point in voting anyway?

September 25, 2019

Is it any wonder that people say “what’s the point in voting?”

Since 2008 things have gone from bad to worse. An austerity programme the likes we have not seen since the 1970’s that has targeted regions and yet protected the metropolitan capital, London.  Politicians have actively worked to overturn the biggest mandate ever given to parliament to leave the EU.  We see news stories about MPs that find themselves embroiled in allegations of sexual harassment and worse, fraud, perjury and expenses scandals about public servants milking the system.  Is it any wonder that we have lost our faith in our political system? 

For years, governments of all persuasions have introduced new legislation that doesn't do what it sets out to achieve - often with terrible financial and human costs. 

  • A Universal Credit Scheme that has resulted in increasing numbers of people IN WORK using food banks and real suffering caused by the ridiculous 5 week waiting period

  • Disability allowance assessments that result in suicide and staff incentivised to see how many claims they can dismiss.

  • All three main parties have pledged to reform the working of parliament (Gordon Brown), to change the electoral system (Nick Clegg) to directly elect the House of Lords (David Cameron) to shift the balance of power from central government to local institutions. What we got was directly elected police commissioners that have had no measurable impact on reducing crime rates, tackling knife crime or gangs in inner cities.  

  • Postal votes that are rigged, convicted electoral fraudsters involved in official campaigns.  

The list goes on…..

All of that taints those decent, hard working people who are doing a demanding job in a difficult climate. There is clearly no appetite for the majority in the House of Commons to clean up their act and that is where The Brexit Party come in.  We have a clear undertaking to Change Politics for Good and we will do that in three key areas;

  1. We will practice Direct Democracy where ordinary people will decide on their regional development policies, prioritise where money will be spent and how to spend it, genuinely giving people in the constituency a say where money is most needed.

  2. We will review the House of Lords as it stands and consider the implications of abolishing it or replacing it with an elected chamber

  3. We will review the postal voting system and prevent systematic abuse of it by returning to its original purpose.

These are undertakings of the only political party that is not whipped (Elected members forced to vote with the party even when is conflicts with the wishes/interests of their constituents.)  We want to give a genuine voice back to the people, not just lip service!

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