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Micro Business Growth Club


Congratulations, you have joined The Big Idea programme to help you take your Big Idea from the drawing board to a live product in a practical and profitable way.


During the sessions you will explore every aspect of your idea and test it using industry tools and analysis methods. That will give you the confidence to know that your product is viable and potentially profitable.

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Workbook - Click to Download

in order to get the most from this programme you need to complete all of the exercises set and the homework between the sessions too. There are no shortcuts and if you want your product to become reality then this programme will do exactly that.

Two rules; there is no such thing as a daft question, if you don't know then ask.
Don't struggle with anything, ask for help and support, it is built into the programme.

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Session 1 - Click to Download

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Session 2 - Click to Download

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Session 3 - Click to Download

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